Frenotomy in Yuba City, CA

We all want our babies to be healthy and develop as they should. We know that going to the dentist is part of healthy development as well, but there are issues that the dentist can help with besides just teeth. A dentist typically covers everything that happens in the mouth of your child. The sooner you get your child in to see a dentist, the better for their health and the easier it is to identify any areas of concern.

One issue that infants sometimes have is when the connective tissue that attaches the tongue to the base of the mouth (called a frenulum) is too short or tight. When this happens, it can make a child unable to talk, chew, or breathe properly. This condition is called ankyloglossia or “tongue-tied” because the tongue does not have its natural range of motion.

Why Go to a Dentist For a Tongue Tie?

The doctor often catches the condition that causes a child to be tongue-tied during initial visits and tests, but sometimes it can get overlooked or develop later in an infant’s life. When this happens, a dentist is more likely to notice it while examining the child’s mouth. The dentist can then perform the procedure needed to fix the situation.

Fixing a tongue tie involves a procedure known as a frenotomy or frenectomy. The dentist cuts the band of tissue between the tongue and the base of the mouth, freeing the tongue to move normally. The dentist may cut the tissue just enough to allow movement or the tissue is so thick that it must be removed completely.

For parents concerned, this is a completely routine procedure, and thanks to dental lasers for incision, it is nearly entirely painless and can be done in mere minutes. There’s no recovery time, and parents should notice improvements in their child’s ability to breathe, eat, and speak immediately.